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Be Brilliant

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Analysis & Coaching

Power + Presence + Panache

Before working with Jean, I was really unclear of my personal style, how to best represent myself and how to feel confident in my appearance. She helped me discover not only my style, but helped me build a level of confidence and personal power that exceeded all of my expectations. The process was fun, informative and based in science, which I loved!
Jamie Shapiro, Executive Coach, Business Owner, ConnectedEC
The driving force behind my working with Jean was needing to get ready for a high profile professional speaking engagement. While I was simply focused on looking sharp, Jean was focused on much more- conveying the essence of who I am. Her thought-provoking questions helped me to get clear on who and what I am inside, and how best to reflect that on the outside.
Pat Jacques, Adventurer, Guide, Coach, ADV Woman
Jean Hendry is so much more than an image consultant. Her ability to go beyond the seen to the unseen and find beauty from the inside out, makes her the well-dressed professional’s “seer.” Working with Jean was nothing short of a reset–on how to present my best self to others and on embracing my natural beauty. Because of what I learned from Jean, I am more confident and joyful in how I dress.
Carol Ross, Career Coach, Writer & Speaker, Stand Out and Belong

Meet Jean Hendry

Image & Presence Transformation
Expert & Advisor

to Professionals and Business Owners

I help you present your brilliant best to the world.

Here’s how:

  • Digging “beneath the surface” to uncover the brilliance you didn’t know was there.
  • Seeing the whole picture of “you” and helping you see it, too.
  • Aligning the way you present yourself with who you really are.
  • Knowing how to put you together in a way that presents your “brilliant best.”
  • Discovering your best colors, styles, image, hair, makeup, presentation.

Are You Ready to Stand in Your Brilliance?

explore your Brilliance in one of several ways

Color & Makeup Analysis

Polished - Natural - Attractive

In Person or Online

Color Analysis is an assessment of your natural coloring – eyes, skin, hair – in order to determine what colors for clothes and make-up are the best for you in order to make you look polished, natural, attractive and confident.

Brilliance VIP Day

Play Big in Your Life

Individual Coaching

If you are ready to show up powerfully, confidently, and play big, it’s time to invest in yourself. Spend a day with me focused entirely on you – your look, your confidence, your power, your brilliance. You’ll be amazed at your results!

Webinar Series

Be Your Brilliant Best

5 Week Webinar Series

In this five-week webinar series, you will participate with a small group of women in a process to recognize and define your brilliant best. You’ll explore your best colors, clothing shapes & styles, building a wardrobe that supports your life!

Body Type Analysis

Know your Best Shapes

In-Person or Online

Body Type Analysis is an assessment of your body structure – your outline and your proportions – to determine what clothing shapes and styles work best for you.  When you know the shapes that work for you, looking fabulous is easy!

Face Shape Consult

Learn Your Best Looks

In-Person or Online

Your face shape determines not only which hairstyles, glasses, hats and earrings look best on you, but also your ideal accessories and necklines. Learn how to use all of these small elements to help you look your very best!

Personal Style Consult

Show Your Personality

In-Person or Online

Do you look at other women and try to dress like them? Define your own individual style and learn how to reflect your authentic personality in the way you dress. You’ll never feel the need to copy someone else again!

Shop Your Closet

Make Everything Work For You

At Your Home

Do you look at your closet and complain “I have nothing to wear!”? Let’s fix that! We’ll go into your closet together to get rid of what doesn’t work, put together what you have in new ways, and identify wardrobe gaps and a shopping plan.

Shop The Stores

Fill Your Wardrobe Gaps

Stores of Your Choice

Using a plan we develop together, we’ll head to the stores to build or complete your wardrobe, working at whatever price point and store type works best for you. When possible, we’ll build on current wardrobe pieces.

Event Consult

Find The Perfect Outfit

In-Person or Online

Want the perfect outfit for that special event? Make sure you look nothing less than fabulous! I’ll help you find the perfect thing, as well as consult on your special event hair, makeup and accessories.

Be Your Brilliant Best Today

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Many Faces of Brilliance

Lives Transformed from the Inside – Out

Carol Alm

Carol Alm & Associates

Self-discovery:  Beige is not beautiful, at least not on me.  But I was beige for a long time, until Jean helped me discover that I am “elegant, sophisticated and approachable” through my Brilliance statement. And, even more fun is that I am a Light Imperial Winter color.  No more beige! Now, it’s turquoise, deep pinks, bright blues for me – with more presence and more self-confidence. It makes me feel like I look and look like I feel.  Thanks, Jean!

Erica Stull

Writer & Communications Consultant
Stull Word Works

Overall, the benefits I’ve gotten from working with you have been a much better sense of what looks good on me and the confidence I get from knowing I look my best, especially in professional situations. I consider our consulting time both a gift to myself and a terrific professional investment, and there’s not much that falls into both categories. I’m not visually oriented, and despite watching “What Not to Wear” regularly and reading magazine articles about what’s best on different body shapes, I wasn’t translating that information very well. You helped me understand how everything works for me specifically – my body shape, my coloring, my age, profession and personality. I could never have gotten that clarity without the one-on-one guidance. In addition to your impeccable sense of fashion, color and image, I really appreciate your communication style. “Constructive criticism” is kind of a cliché, but you really have that skill perfected. You’re unfailingly kind and supportive while clearly explaining what needs to change. It’s a rare talent!

Christina Jones

Sales Rep, Freedom Coach
Christina Jones Enterprises

My experience with Jean was exceptional and Brilliant. Jean’s knowledge, professionalism and creativity is very unique. I have worked with image and color stylists in the past as a professional model and actress.  Jean’s knowledge and professionalism surpasses most image consultants by miles. Be Brilliant is a life-long , life-changing experience.  Jean sees your Brilliance and encourages you to step fully into the light you were born to shine. I use her tools in many areas of my life. I now present myself to the world and to myself in a whole new way. Working with Jean was fun, creative and inspiring!

Victoria Quintana

Member Board of Directors and Co-Founder

I am enjoying my new clothes and make-up.  A little bit of style goes a long way and subtle accessorizing is magical.  The real difference is in my renewed confidence.  I am finally proud of my body shape and it shows…. Being my age and getting compliments on how I look is terrific.  And, it happens regularly. Really!

GG Johnston

PR Expert & Business Consultant
GG Johnston

My work with Jean continues to be life-changing. I no longer have anxiety about how to shop and what to wear, which makes my mornings much more fun and enjoyable. Jean has helped me gain confidence in my appearance which has transformed the way I feel about myself. It’s not just the clothes that have created this better-feeling me. Jean’s work has helped me get in touch with my authentic self and share my gifts more openly and confidently with my family, my clients and my community. Jean’s perfect blend of friend, coach and truth-teller supports me every day to show up with joy and confidence.

Bonna Sue Kalina

Accountant & Freedom Coach

Working with Jean has transformed me in ways I never imagined. Jean is gifted and patient beyond words. As we worked together and with her guidance, I began to change the way I see myself and the way I see colors, and how they affect the way I think about myself.  I never understood why no one would say a thing when I wore an outfit or piece of jewelry that I thought was fabulous. I do not have that problem anymore; I receive compliments about my hair, my clothes, and my makeup all the time. Most of the time people are not sure what it is – they just know there is something different about the way I present myself and more importantly, I know there is something different, which has increased my confidence in ways I never thought of.  I must say I was a reluctant client, but with Jean’s patient and inspirational guidance, I began to see and understand what a difference wearing the right colors does for a person’s appearance and ultimately for the way a person shows up in the world. The investment I made was for myself and it changed everything for me – there is no going back, only shining forward!

Maggie Hensle

Executive Coach
Verite Leadership

Jean has helped me for years. When we started out I was feeling my middle-age blahs – washed out and frumpy. Jean familiarized me with my ideal color palette, the shapes that most flattered my figure and shopped with me! Fast forward three years and I now wear a vast variety of clothes in which I feel “put together.”  I can now venture into multiple venues (dinner party, work meetings, lunch with friends) and feel confident that I am putting my most brilliant self forward.

Be Your Best Today

Be Your Brilliant Best Today

Be Your Best Today